About ideas and embracing diversity

by woceht

I currently live in the US, during partisan times, and we just had elections here.  From my personal point of view, thank god Obama won.  Others may beg to differ.  I respect that.  I posted on my facebook that I hoped that my conservative friends would come to terms with it and that it is time to move forward, and so far 29 progressive people have liked it and none of the conservative people.  I guess I am a little disappointed.  Perhaps some clarification is in order here.  What I implied in that post was that it is time to move forward together.  Just because your candidate didn’t win doesn’t mean it’s time to move to another country, a sentiment I have heard a few of my progressive friends express prior to the elections–“what if Mittens wins? D:”.  Your voice can still be heard and you can still participate.  Obama seems like a pretty reasonable guy who is quite amenable to considering many viewpoints.

Here is a radical idea: Ideas are good. All of them.  Ideas don’t equal action.  We can talk about them.  And discard some of them later if they seem less good.  And only use the best ones.  How about that?

I recall an incident when I was doing a marriage equality canvass in East LA.  This young hispanic guy comes angrily out after I’ve talked with his mother and threatens me with personal violence for spreading my horrible ideas.  So often we bristle and rush to arms to defend our personal ideology.  Why do we fear ideas so much?  They are just ideas.  Do what you will with them.  If you don’t like them just ignore them.  Better still, examine and talk about why you don’t like them.  Do you think that if you silence me my idea will die?  Clearly not, because other people in 4 different states have just won minor victories on the path to progress.

Next radical idea: Diversity is good.  When we fall into groups of people that all think the same way then the potential for progress comes way down.  And we run into dangers of becoming a mob.  So why not embrace our differences?

So there.  I put that forth.  Ideas with mutual respect and embracing the many tones of what it means to be human.  Might be worth a shot, no?