On why I don’t like to drive

by woceht

This post is inspired by a conversation with a nice conservative small business owner from North Dakota called Brent.

It started with “So you’re a marine biologist eh?  What do you think of the gulf spill?”  And then we went on to discuss whether fossil fuels are running out and what it means to be in the energy industry in America.

You know retrospectively I guess it doesn’t really matter to put a date on global fuel sources running out.  We are definitely using fossil fuels faster than the millions of years it takes for them to form.  And so we are going to run out at some future date.  I am talking globally, not just in America where yes we are discovering more sources.

The reason why I don’t like to drive my car is that the ecological impacts of all that quick release of fossil fuels is undeniable.  More carbon dioxide in the air messes up the thermal retention properties of the atmosphere.  Which leads to crazy weather.  Also it dissolves in the ocean and makes it more acidic and causes things like corals and snails to not be able to form their skeletons and shells properly.  This is supported by science, some parts more tenuously than others but the links are forming into an undeniable body of evidence.  Science which I would like to remind you is neutral and not motivated by anything.  Of course you can find a small minority of scientists who disagree with this view but then I would ask you to look carefully at their funding sources or their religious affiliations which they are allowing to cloud their judgement (more on this in another post).  Think about it.  The process of science is to examine the evidence.  If tomorrow evidence that does not support climate change and ocean acidification appears, then I can happily get on with my life and drive my car around without worrying about what I’m doing to the planet.

Of course, there is a good chance I will probably choose to continue cycling anyway.  Because it totally beats being trapped in a metal box behind other slow moving metal boxes–LA drivers! >:O