Free art intuition the unconscious mind

by woceht

Sometimes when I cycle into depressive mode the ability to behave coherently escapes me.  It just is too hard.  The last few days/weeks have been hard.  I need to create a whole other post about the experience of being in this mode.  But this post is about something else that escapes when I get mired in frustration and inability and my to do list explodes and there are deadlines.  I lose the free spirited laissez-faire frame of mind to create. I get stuck. I get stressed. I lose sight of the joys of life. No more inspiration.  Just desperation sadness stress anxiety.  A reminder to fuck all and go with the flow is part of the solution.  A reminder that everything is ok.  That stress is the real enemy and my pace is fine the alternative being a downward spiral down depths I’d rather not revisit again.  Jolt me out of bad patterns that I am aware of but captive to.  Actually make me sit with my guitar and make new sounds come out of the ether.  But there’s the whole other reality of deadlines too.  Sometimes I just have to remember to breathe and plan and plan to take things slow.  Have I got it?  Am I managing this?  Stay tuned.