Phnom Penh first impressions

by woceht

I hate it. It is a cesspit. There are piles of stinking garbage everywhere, no real attempt to export the local culture, and the people are out to get you at every turn. Granted, they need to make a living and it’s usually for not more than a dollar or two, but it says a lot about the nature of the people here. I hate walking around feeling their slimy tentacles reaching out at every turn. What is odd is that the people actually negotiate the fleecing, rather than try to rob you outright. The streets feel safe enough.
Had a couple bowls of noodles so far, at local establishments. The tourist price is about $1-$1.50. No idea how to order the more exotic things the locals were having so ended up with seafood in one and regular shredded chicken in the other. Pretty good. Haven’t braved the iced desserts yet. Lots of steamed snails that I may try later too. Visited Wat Phnom and wandered around the northern side of the city on foot, heading down to the touristy strip by the river. East of the hostel on 108th street are some cool market stalls that appear at night, selling everything from eels, frogs, seafood and snails to fruit and veg and slippers.
One more day to do the requisite touristy things and then I’m headed to Siem Reap.