Phnom Penh sights

by woceht

Today I am writing from the cool safety of my hostel balcony as heavy rain falls outside all afternoon. I am beginning to get used to the incessant touting, the tourist surcharge, the dust, dodging the crazy traffic, the reek of urine and rotting garbage on the street and am consequently less grumpy. Hit most of the requisite tourist spots—Cheung Ek, Tuol Sleng, the grim reminders of the civil war, and the national museum. Decided to skip the royal palace in favour of an afternoon nap. Opulent architecture and furniture has never been my thing anyway. Can’t wait to get out of the city. When I get back here after my loop around Cambodia I would like to try and stay near the Russian market for a feel of another neighbourhood.
So far my stomach is tolerating the local cuisine. So far I’ve tried bowls of hot soupy noodles with fresh seafood, chicken, a rice dish with roasted meat, and another with minced pork and fresh veggies. Everything is really good and really fresh. I need to find the coffee! Have not spotted the vendors yet. If the rain stops I will venture out to the market nearby for dinner and hit my favourite dessert stall along the way. There is a bowl of sweet potato/pumpkin mush with sago and tons of sugar and coconut milk out there with my name on it.