Siem Reap first impressions

by woceht

The entire town seems to be constructed around tourism. The streets are cleaner, the hostels slicker, newer, complete with pools and a/c. Everyone speaks English. There is perpetually some construction going on in Cambodia. In Phnom Penh my hostel was having a new bathroom put in. Here there is a new building going up across the street. It was hard to find any sign of the local food sellers. Since I was starving I decided to eat at the cheapest restaurant I could find. Everything was ≥$2, which is ridiculous for Asia, especially Cambodia. Later I did see some stalls on the outskirts of the old market area but there weren’t many options. Bought a reuseable bag from Bloom Bags, in support of a local cause where single Cambodian moms sew bags out of old rice sacks to send their kids to school. Also restocked on baggy cotton pants which for the same haggling prowess can be gotten for cheaper than in Bangkok. Decided to splurge $5 on a really nice bicycle. Cheaper rentals can be found if you are content with seven speeds on an internal shifting hub which may or may not be stuck on the highest gear. Can’t wait to do my own tour of Angkor Wat tomorrow. Going to try and catch sunrise at the ruins.