Farewell Siem Reap Hello Battambang

by woceht

Yesterday was great! Kicked off with a sunrise visit to the beautiful Angkor Wat. Since I made the effort it turned out to be a cloudy day of course, but no less beautiful. Wandered around the millennium old temple complexes for the better part of the day until Ta Keo shredded my left knee which was already partially hurting from a grueling climb up the Cameron Highlands the weekend before. Decided to call it a day after Ta Prohm, better known as the Tomb Raider temple, where the massive stone structures have been torn apart by even more massive trees. Mountain Bike was definitely worth it! Green Cycle Tours in the Old Market neighbourhood has well maintained ones and they will take a drivers license to hold until you return the bike, instead of a passport which some of the other companies require. Later in the hostel I met friendly backpackers Jose and Carola and joined them for dinner and a shopping jaunt. There are parts of Siem Reap that are less touristy but these are relatively well hidden. Got less grief from the salespeople while travelling in a well seasoned pack, and was able to get some good deals. Today I am on a bus to the picturesque Battambang, slightly more off the beaten trail, after scandalizing the Cambodian hostel staff with the concept of coffee without sugar.