New toys

by woceht

FINALLY got my Nexus 5 in the mail (took awhile for it to get from the warehouse in KY to Portland by UPS ground and then international shipping to Singapore via vPost).  As new phones go, I have to say my reaction to this one is a bit lukewarm, compared to the excitement of my last 3 phone upgrades (N95->iPhone3->Galaxy Nexus).  Guess it is my first phone in awhile that isn’t a major jump forward in technology for me.  Or perhaps that the Gnex was such an amazing device that it leaves little wanting, even after 2 years of abuse (a few brutal drops and broken headphone jack excavation).  Shame about Google dropping support for it.  Looking forward to hacking the hell out of it, now that it is my backup device.  Could also be the 2300mah non-removeable battery (wtf Google) and minor problems with the initial KitKat release. On first glimpse Kitkat on the Nexus 5 seems quite a bit sleeker and LTE is an improvement.  Am I the only one who finds that reviews are becoming increasingly useless as Nexus goes mainstream?  All that hype, and no one pointed out the obvious battery flaw.

All this got me thinking about what I would like to see my mobile device being able to do.  I think the next thing I want is seamless integration between my mobile device and my computer (i.e. ultimately I want to bring my phone around, get home, stick it in the computer, and be able to work on my projects seamlessly between the two).  This is somewhat possible now, via the cloud, but still quite clunky (e.g. limited document support, and pdfs edited via mobile dropbox don’t sync back to the cloud properly).  I did try for an Ubuntu Edge, but it died.  Oh well.  Time to experiment now, perhaps with Ubuntu Touch on the old Gnex…?

Guess the other alternative is (gosh dare I say it) Windows (which would be less intuitive and way less pretty but integrate well with the office environment).